Community Focus - Faith Hope & Love

April 27, 2017

Imagine that everything you owned fit into a trash bag…It’s not a thought that comes to mind every day for most of us, but it’s something Heather and Mark Logeski think about every day.  Heather and Mark work closely with foster children, and time after time, children in need of a home would arrive on their doorstep with a single trash bag, containing everything that child had. The couple saw this as a major issue and, in response, began an organization known as Faith Hope & Love. Faith Hope & Love is designed to support children in crisis by providing them with duffel bags filled with basic health and wellness necessities. These duffel bags are then distributed by local professionals, such as social workers and police officers. In this special podcast, Community State Bank President and CEO Scott Huedepohl sits down with Heather and Mark to talk about what Faith Hope & Love does for children within the community and how the organization is continuing to grow. For more information on Faith Hope & Love visit: www.fhlforkids.org